Issa Osso


Meet Issa from Syria. In 2016, like thousands of other Syrians whom war left them no other option but to flee their country, Issa was forced to leave his hometown of Raqqa. He embarked on that unknown journey hoping for a new future.

After 2 weeks in Turkey, Issa found himself on a rubber boat, with dozens of other refugees sailing across the sea to Greece. On September 27, he arrived safely to the Greek Island of Lesvos. Two years later, Issa received his Greek ID and passport and began working with different NGOs to help other refugees like him.

Today, Issa dreams of returning to his home country saying “I really want to be able to go back home, to Syria. And help build our country back and better than what it was before the war!” For now, he’s a football coach working with Movement On The Ground in Greece, practicing his favorite sport while sharing his passion and joy with all the other kids he coaches.


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