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Omar Hamo - Kaukab Family

Meet Omar, a 22 years old Kurdish influencer from Syria. Omar was living with his family near the Syrian capital Damascus. As a child he was passionate about acting, he and his brother used to film short videos and do the editing with their basic skills. Omar was dreaming to become an actor and wanted to study at Higher Institute of dramatic Arts, unfortunately the Syrian War broke out and Omar had to flee the country with his family in 2012 and moved to Turkey where they stayed for 3 years.

In 2015 Omar’s family decided to migrate to Germany through Greece. After 2 years and learning the German language Omar decided it’s the time to peruse his old dream and to bring back his memories with his brother. He started filming comedy short videos with this mobile phone and uploading them to Facebook, He didn’t get much attention or followers at the beginning, but his strong determination kept him going. Now Omar has a Youtube channel with over a million views on his videos and thousands of followers on Instagram.

Omar’s story is just another prove that dreams do come true, you just need to believe in yourself and never give up.
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