We would love to collaborate with influencers around the globe! So if you are one keep reading...

We want to build a win-win relationship together. While you help us grow our brand and reach more people we will help you have a decent income while being the social media star that you are ❤️

We already took care of everything, all you need is to get your Kaukab referral link and share it with your fans, and get commission on every purchase! You get up to 20% of the orders you refer using your link!

For example, let's say you have 80k followers on Instagram and you decided to share your link with them and only 100 people decided to buy and each placed an order for 2 shirts, so average order value is 60€ then the total sales value would be 100 X 60 = 6000€. 

20% X 6000€ = 1200€ this would be your commission that you will get from us! Not bad right? And as more people buy using your link, you will earn more. So you can be as creative as you want promoting your link 😉

On top of that, each month you will get a 50% discount on all our products (up to 5 items each month) and when we release a new design or product you will be the first to know before anyone else 😎

Now, how does it work you may ask? Well very simple

1- Go HERE and Sign up for our Affiliate Program. You need to enter your Name, Email and Password OR just sign up using Facebook or Google account.

affiliate sign up page

2- After you successfully sign up you should see your dashboard

kaukab affiliate dashboard

What is important here is your Referral Link. It's your own unique link that you should share with your fans so we can know when someone buys from Kaukab using your link. You also have your unique Coupon Code that you can share with others and ask them to use it when they order.

Also once you start sharing your Referral Link you will be able to see exactly how many people visited our website using your link, how many of them placed an order, how much did they pay and of course how much you will earn (your commission).

 3- Now go to your Settings page and add your social media accounts so we can get to know you better 😘

kaukab affiliate settings

And if you'd like you can change your Referral Code (the code we use in your Referral Link). You also need to add your PayPal account so we can pay you your commission 🙂and Don't forget to hit "Save Changes" when you finish.

4- That's all! Now we will review your account and will message you once your account is approved and send you your 50% discount code so you can get your Kaukab shirts as well 😍 

We are looking forward for a great partnership! Let's change the world together 🌎✌️