Are you a designer? Then this is for you!

If you are proud of your designs and always wanted to see them printed on tshirts, hoodies, mugs and more. Then this is your chance, Kaukab opens the door for designers and creators to sell their designs on Kaukab Store.

Let us worry about the logistics, printing, materials so you can just focus on what you enjoy doing, designing and being creative! 

How it works?

1- Send us an email ( with the subject "Kaukab Creators - YOUR NAME", tell us a bit about you (where are you from, where do you live, age, education, languages you speak, etc), attach some of your art/work/design (at least 2)

2- If we like your work, we will send you a link to sign up for our Kaukab Creators & Affiliate program.

3- You'll get your own unique link to our store so you can share your designs with others and earn money, You get 20% of your designs sales and 10% of any other sales you refer using your link! For example, you gave Ahmed your link and Ahmed bought 2 shirts each for 30€. One of them has your design and the second has one of our designs. In that case you get 6€ for the shirt with your designed and 3€ for the other one, 9€ in total. So as more people buy using your link, you will earn more.

4- So, when you are ready send us your favorite designs and we will review and add them to our Store and you can start sharing your link and profit from your designs!

Please pay attention to:

- All designs must respect all races, religions and genders.

- Designs must be in in PNG format with at least 300 DPI.

- Designs must be original, and if you are using any copyrighted material (images, vectors, fonts etc) you must have a permission to use it.

- We have the right to use your designs for our marketing and services, or print it on any of our products

- We want Kaukab to be as unique as possible! And we need your help to do that. So you are not allowed to share with others any designs we publish on Kaukab Store.